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Please note: Before you complete this calculation you MUST CALL YOUR SUPERFUND TO GET YOUR ELIGIBLE SERVICE DATE.

This date is not necessarily the date you set up your super account. It is the EARLIER of the following dates:

  • The date you set up your super account,
  • The date you commenced employment with the employer that set up the super account for you,
  • If you CONSOLIDATE / ROLLOVER super accounts into each other, the EARLIEST eligible service date will be retained.

Before proceeding with this calculator, call your superfund and ask them for:

  • Account start date
  • Your Eligible Service Date (this is the date you will use in the calculator below)

Also please note that your ELIGIBLE SERVICE DATE CAN CHANGE, even without you doing anything. Superfunds are now required to automatically consolidated low balance, inactive super accounts which can mean your eligible service date becomes earlier, and therefore your tax rate will increase. In some cases the tax can be multiple times higher.

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