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Financial planning isn’t just about tax and maths, it’s about understanding your priorities and having a sensible plan in place so you can have confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is secure so you can focus on what is important to you.

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Andrew Reynolds

Founder of Edwards Financial Solutions and Financial Adviser

Following a Total & Permanent Disability insurance claim being paid into a superannuation account, there are unique financial strategies that can be implemented which can mean people can hold funds in superannuation and income stream accounts, paying minimal tax, while maintaining full access to these funds. For this reason, we strongly suggest people get financial advice from an expert in this area before deciding on what to do with their funds.

You may think all superannuation funds follow the same rules so it doesn’t matter which super fund you choose however this isn’t always the case. The rules around total and permanent disability claims, permanent incapacity conditions of release and disability superannuation income streams are complex and the interpretation of these rules can differ between super funds.

This is one reason why your local financial adviser may not be able to provide you the advice and support you need.

We are not affiliated or incentivised to use any particular superannuation fund, however we do work closely with a select few funds that have experience in this area and offer the features you will need following an insurance claim. This ensures that any recommendations are implemented correctly.

Clients who seek to work with us are from all over Australia and have often experienced a life-changing health event.

They have often come into a sum of money that may be bitter sweet. They have the ability to make plans for their future and move forward with their lives, however they also have increased financial complexity and some big decisions to make.

Our clients come to us because they want to alleviate some of their financial stress, create a sensible plan to maximise their quality of life now and ensure their financial future is secure so they focus on what is important to them.

Every year we help hundreds of people in receipt of insurance claims and/or personal injury settlements to understand their benefit and make good financial decisions. However, we limit the number of people we provide financial advice to. Providing financial advice is a lengthy, detailed process and requires commitment from us and our clients. We want to ensure we partner with people & families who have similar values, we can offer significant value to and that we can provide a high quality and timely service.

If you would like to discuss our financial advice service, please get in touch!

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