About Andrew Reynolds

My Mission

To take the stress out of making financial decisions

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds

Founder of TPD Claims Advice, Edwards Financial Solutions and Financial Adviser


  • Bachelor of Applied Finance
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Diploma of Financial Markets

​Andrew Reynolds is the Founder of Edwards Financial Solutions and the creator of our TPD Assessment Service. Andrew specializes in insurance and personal injury claims through superannuation, working with people all over the country and usually provides his services over the phone.

About Andrew

I grew up in a wonderful family home in Sydney’s North and spent my early twenties completing a Bachelor of Applied Finance and travelling. When I was 23, my father suffered a stroke leaving him severely brain damaged. This was a challenging time my family, especially for my mum, who’s entire world and future plans had changed in an instant.

Together, we had to work out how to move forward.

From this experience, I discovered a love for helping people take control of their financial situation so they can focus on what is really important.

During my years of working as a financial adviser for big firms, I realized how little help there is available for people who have had a life-changing experience and may need some help making those initial big decisions without the need for ongoing financial advice. In 2017, I made the decision to change that and I developed our TPD Assessment Service.

Over the past few years, I have become a leader in this space working closely with law firms to ensure their clients are making the right decisions for them.

I have a passion for playing sports and in 2011 qualified and completed in the Hawaiian Ironman prior to the birth of my son, Ethan. I have a strong interest in mindfulness and meditation, which I have been practicing for the last 15 years. Ultimately, I want to understand myself and others better so I can continue to motivate and be a more positive influence to each person I come into contact with.

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